Warren Haynes: Acoustic Slide Electric Impro DVD-Slide Guitar Lesson Duane Allman

Back by popular demand, this is Warren’s follow-up to his first extremely successful Hot Licks release, Electric Blues and Slide Guitar. In this DVD, Warren teaches the country blues of Son House and Robert Johnson, different slides for different sounds, open-tuning licks in G and E tunings, using vibrato to correct pitch, damping for a cleaner sound, Muddy Waters’ standard tuning style, switching off between the slide and fingers, “call and response” improvisation and so much more. As an extra bonus, many of the examples are illustrated with Warren’s band, Gov’t Mule! Don’t miss this opportunity for yet another blues guitar “tour de force” with the great Warren Haynes! Warren Haynes has become one of America’s most important blues and rock guitarists. His work with the Allman Brothers Band and his trio, Gov’t Mule, has brought him acclaim as both a slide and lead guitarist. This is his second instructional DVD for Hot Licks.

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Blues Slide Guitar Lesson   Duane Allman and Derek Trucks style Slide Lick LessonBlues Slide Guitar Lesson Duane Allman and Derek Trucks style Slide Lick Lesson
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New Course – Shuffle the Blues Coming Soon
Lesson Index. Intro Tuning Lesson 1 – Chords – Major Forms – 7th forms – 9th forms – 13th Forms – Chord Application – Using pick and fingers, slides. Lesson 2 – 3 Chord Exercises Lesson 3 Solo – Licks 1-28 Lessons Closing … need to let it heal. I’m really excited about this course as it’s one of the first where I talk about chord application. I’ve learned a lot in the process about how I want to approach my Blues Guitar Rhythm Course that will come out at some point.

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