Learn Blues Guitar Beginner Online

Learn Blues Guitar Beginner Tips

Would you like to learn blues guitar beginner lessons or more advanced blues playing? That is one of the most challenging, what to aspire for and being among the most worthwhile as well. If you wish to learn blues acoustic guitar, there are many things that you’ll require before you begin plus some more when you commence to officially learn the fine art.


Learn Blues Guitar Beginner Lessons

What you need to know before

Before you can touch blues, you first need to learn how to play classic guitar. Blues is not a lateral progression which means that it is far more complicated and it requires more chops from you. In any case, you would want to at least have a solid background in guitar playing before you brave the demanding genre of blues.

As you know, there are several chords used in the classic guitar and there will be even more of those that you need to learn if you want to learn blues guitar. Make sure you have already mastered the basic chords before you move on to the more complicated ones.

What to expect in a blues progression

It might take some getting used to when you jump from classic guitar to blues guitar. Just by listening to the kind of music produced by each one, you would already notice a lot of differences especially in the delivery.

Even if you have already mastered the classic guitar, you might still want to consider to learn blues guitar beginner guitar lessons to really learn the techniques as they are quite different from those you use when playing classic styles like Jazz or Rock or even Pop music played on acoustic guitar.

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Jazz Guitar Chords for Beginner Jazz Guitarists

Learn The Importance Of Jazz Guitar Chords

New jazz guitar players have much to learn on their journey towards becoming a professional. Not the least of which is jazz guitar chords.

From the inception of jazz into the mainstream, everyone who has a keen ear for music has recognized the importance of etching guitar chords in their memory.

First of all learn all of the most important jazz guitar chords. You need these in your guitar case to become the guitarist you’ve always wanted to be.

Learn Jazz Guitar Chords

Minor 7 b5 or Half Diminished

Minor seventh flat five chords are also known as half diminished chords. There are countless ways to note these chords. You’ll typically see it as -7b5, min7b5 or often with a circle with a line through it. Muting is equally important on this chord. You can create this shape with a 2nd finger used to mute the 5th string, and your first finger to mute the 1st string. On the second shape you can use the tip of your first finger to mute out the 6th string and your fourth finger to mute the 1st string. Putting it altogether and you’ll get the magical Minor 7b5 jazz guitar chord.

Jazz Guitar-Em7b5

Major 7

In most cases, the first chord you’ll learn as a jazz musician is the Major 7th chord. Thanks to their jazzy and ultra-hip vibe, Major 7 chords are a favorite for jazz guitarists. This chord is one of the root chords in all jazz progressions, and allows you to move up and down the fret board to create sounds you dig. Locating the root of the movable chord shape is equally important to excel at playing this chord.

Jazz Guitar Chord E Maj7

Minor 7

Of the same chord notation as the Major 7, the Minor 7 chord is a minor triad that adds the minor seventh. A good example might be Cm7 which consists of notes including C, eB, G and Bd. One good thing to practice with this chord is muting the 5th string in the first grip with your second finger. The second grip you should use just the tip of your first finger to mute the 6th string. Most of all do your best to prefect these grips as they are essential when you have a 5th string root note. Throughout jazz history the Minor 7 has been used to create popular songs, and it’s one of the more foundation jazz guitar chords used. Make it your goal to know it by heart.

Minor 7 Jazz Guitar Chord

Dominant 7-E Shape

In most cases, Dominant 7th chords are written 7, without the dominant used in the description. These chords are extremely important to building your repertoire of jazz music skills. Make sure you learn how to accurately play them. Rather dominant 7 jazz guitar chords are used in a very different way in blues music compared to jazz.

Dominant 7 Jazz Guitar Chords


Diminished 7

Diminished 7 chords are incredibly interesting to play. Did you know every Diminished 7 note is a root note? All you have to do is make sure the note you want is under one of your fingers. If it is, you have the right chord.

You can move the shape of the chord up and down with minor 3rd intervals. Your notes will stay the same. The importance of learning and understanding the Diminished 7 is essential if you want to become an amazing jazz guitar player.

Jazz Guitar Diminished 7th Chord

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How To Learn Guitar For Jazz Music – Part One, The Mental Journey

How To Learn Guitar So You Can Play Your Favourite Jazz Tunes

There are so many different websites dedicated to teaching jazz music. These sites contain some good exercises and resources to help you learn. But what many do not contain are tips and resources that can help you how to learn guitar to play jazz.

There is no end to learning to play jazz, it is a continuous journey on which you embark. By this I mean that it is not enough just to sit down and say to yourself ‘today I am going to learn jazz’. Jazz is a commitment (usually lifelong), and the best approach to learning jazz is to understand what you need to be successful at playing it.

How To Learn Jazz Guitar


Learning To Play Jazz Physically And Mentally

Playing jazz music is not just about demonstrating an ability to play jazz on an instrument, but is also a mental process based on an awareness of what jazz is and where it comes from. Developing this awareness will guide your playing to a deeper level of understanding and appreciation. Below are a number of mental and practical tips to help you to think about your own jazz journey.

1. One of the first steps you should take on this journey of how to learn guitar is to listen to good jazz guitar music. There are a wide variety of styles and a lot of it around. Begin with listening to some of the greats of jazz – Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Charlie Christian, Joe Pass, Ella Fitzgerald to name just a few, and there a many more. You will soon begin to recognise the differences in jazz styles of these artists.

For example, many jazz tunes are based on what are called ‘standards’. These tunes can be found in ‘jazz fake books’, that contain a collection of jazz standards, which usually give a brief lead sheet (notation) or as its referred to in many Jazz circles The Form of the melody and harmony (chords) of the tune. Now listen to how different jazz musicians play the same jazz standard tune, try “Satin Doll”. You will notice that every artist will play a different version of that tune in their own style.

2. Get to know the wide variety and how to learn guitar jazz music styles from swing, to bebop to blues, to free jazz and more. You will soon be drawn to those styles that you like the best. But always be prepared to shift your likes to suit the mood you are in.


Learn Jazz Guitar Playing Techniques


Listening To Older Type Jazz Guitar Is Key

The more you listen and know how to learn guitar to the jazz standards played by different artists the more you begin to identify their different styles, for example, Charlie Parker- the father of bebop compared to Louis Armstrong- the master of swing.

Once you understand the difference in styles when you learn how to learn guitar playing jazz standards, you can branch out and listen to these artists playing their own non-standard numbers. For example listen to Miles Davis’s album – ‘Kind of Blue’ – on it you will hear how his style has moved on from pure bebop to what is called ‘post bop’ a style with minimal chord changes and an emphasis on improvisation – have a listen to the track – “All Blues”.

3. As your interest in jazz music starts to grow start reading about some of the pioneers of jazz music. Read about their lives and the historical background of the development of their music. For example, a good place to start is with the great horn player Louis Armstrong. Read about his life in New Orleans and about his early career in that musical city. Did you know that Louis Armstrong began his musical career whilst serving time in a juvenile offenders institution. (So did I) He became a keen member of the institution’s brass band and progressed from playing drums to blowing the horn. Who knows if he had not been sent to that institution he may not have become the great jazz musician that he was.

Music History Is An Important Ingredient To Learning Jazz Guitar

Knowing about the history and background of jazz music has given me an affinity (mental link) to the musicians of the jazz age. I feel that I am part of a greater movement, All jazz bands have guitar players in their ranks but guitar players were not as prevalent as some other instruments in the great Jazz era which has helped me on my jazz journey noting their differences. This has helped me to know how to learn guitar be it Jazz, Rock, Blues, Pop I truely love it all!

With the above mental resources in place you are now in a position to begin how to learn guitar jazz music on a deeper level.

The next step is the gathering of good learning resources around you, both local and global to help you on your journey.

You can learn to play guitar through guide books or other really efficient online guitar tuition programs like the ones I have listed just below for you and Good Luck.

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The Jazz Guitar Chords

Jazz Guitar Chords Take Some Learning

As a guitar educator with decades of experience, I know how overwhelming it can be to build the switch to playing jazz guitar chords from acoustic to electric guitar. If you can understand the basic chords for Jazz guitar, the sky really is the limit for your mastery over this complex tool. Playing electric guitar is, I believe, very different in many ways.

Let’s get right into it and outline what a jazz guitar chord is and which ones you need to know about to become a pro on this difficult to master stringed musical instrument called the Guitar.

 Play jazz guitar chords

What is a Jazz Chord ?

First, let’s explain that there is no such thing as a definitive jazz guitar chord. I Know people say all the time learn some jazz guitar chords. All they truly are is chords with more notes in them than other standard chords. There are specific types of chords that jazz musicians and composers tend to use in their work. Most Rock and Pop music involves only three-note triads, on the other hand which are only three or even two note chords.

So, instead of merely playing C, A, Bm, Dm with a m7 chord or two added to the mix, you’ll be doing extensions beyond those triads with four, six, and five-note jazz guitar chords. Playing those same chords as Dm9, A7b12 etc ., is the result of these triads. In other terms, there aren’t any jazz chords that are explicitly for jazz, but you would be using these as a guideline.

Must Know Basic Jazz Chords

You may be new to these jazz guitar chords but given enough time you’ll slowly begin to gain confidence with them. You’ll also start to pick out these extended chords as you play them over the course of your work with your guitar.

Chords You Need to Know

No matter what, you should know the following chords before you begin your journey with jazz guitar chords.

* Major 7

Jazz Guitar Chords E Maj7

* Minor 7

Minor 7 Jazz Guitar Chords

* Minor 9
Jazz guitar chords


* Dominant 9

Dominant 9 jazz guitar chords


* Min7b 5

Minor7b5 jazz guitar chords


* Dom7 #5

Jazz Guitar Chords



* Diminished 7

Diminished 7th jazz guitar chords

These basic jazz guitar chords will help you gain a better foundation before you explore the more complex chords in jazz music.


Practicing Beginner Chords

Before you move on to practising more complex jazz guitar chords, perfect your beginner chords first. Ensure that each note of the chord is clean and easily heard once strummed. Don’t be afraid to take things slowly at first to get comfy with the new shape of your fingers on the fretboard.

Next, experiment with moving the chord up and down the fret committee. This enables you to get a feel of how you’ll play later on, and helps you gain knowledge you previously didn’t have. You can also switch back and forth from different chords. Increase you speed slowly as you change chords. After you’ve done all this, bring together your new skills with a jazz criterion that resonates with you.

My Conclusion

Jazz guitar chords aren’t completely different from standard guitar chords, but they do require a different set of skills. When you practice your basic chords, you’ll started to stretch your musical interests and fingers, to eventually be competent in a new form of musical instrument. Embrace these chords and start practising today. The sooner you begin to practice, the sooner you’ll master the jazz guitar.

You can learn to play guitar through guide books or other really efficient online guitar tuition programs like the ones I have listed just below for you and Good Luck.

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