Play the Guitar-Fast, Easy and Efficiently

Not everybody is gifted with the art of music. Some can sing or dance with it but only a few dedicated ones can actually play a specific musical instrument. It would take all of your endearing overflowing patience and precious, precious time to create one piece of melody and make it whole. This is one predicament most beginners have when learning to play something.

Music In The Air

This article will be discussing how to play a musical instrument that is pretty well considered as the most popular among other instruments for the reason that it is one of the cheapest and handy instruments you can drag along anytime, anywhere you want ?

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Several professional guitarists admit that they have to give it their all to perfectly master the art of playing the guitar. It took them a lot of determination and patience to learn which is the finest key to learning, not only a guitar but any other instrument alike.

But if you’re still having second thoughts, and yet you really, really want to learn, erase the negativity and begin as early as possible. What better time to start than now.

Below are some of the basic steps on how to ease your way through guitar playing.


Step 1. Decide on what type of guitar to play with. There are basically two types ? acoustic and electric. To differentiate, an acoustic is more preferred than the electric although the electric is easier to manipulate. Either way, never start your lesson without having a guitar. It’s like going to school without your books.

Step 2. Be equipped with the right references and materials that you can single-handedly use. Though having someone around is better than being alone. If you’re lucky enough to pull someone along the way of learning, be sure he or she knows something about guitars. Let him or her tune your guitar or teach you how to properly tune a guitar. He or she could also perform some examples and comment on your work.

But if you are alone in this fight, try purchasing manuals or if you have an internet connection in your home, try searching the net for websites that offer free tutorial and instructions. There are numerous sites that can teach you step by step on how to execute a chord.

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Step 3. Memorize the important basic chords. Not just mentally, but physically. It is not only important that your mind remembers each note and fret but it is also essential that your fingers and hands create proper communication in between notes to maintain equilibrium and efficiency.

If you’re starting to develop blisters on the tips of your fingers, that would be an advantage for blisters, in time, can form calluses that can make your fingers numb and can make you play better without the pain of pressing on the strings.

Step 4. Practice. Make it a daily habit. If possible, be attached to it. Never leave your guitar just lying around and idle. Always play with it. Be addicted. Never give up on your endearment for you will reap what you sow, don’t give up just yet. Focus. Hard times are for beginners. Stick with it and you will become good like Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix Loved Rock And Roll

Not unless you have the power to master playing the guitar for only a day, practice is always a better way to enhance your skills.

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Various Ways to Learn How to Play an Acoustic

Beaten up with the conventional way of learning how to play an acoustic guitar without even perfecting a single tune? Are blisters forming on the tips of your fingers and yet nothing’s making sense? Maybe you have to double check your resources or better yet, yourself. There must be something terribly wrong with the way you handle your guitar.

Here are some of the numerous ways to learn play an instrument as lovely as an acoustic guitar which are used in music likely more than other genres . All you need is a piece of pick your own or borrowed guitar, and a lot of patience. Well, a couple of manuals will do and if you’re not satisfied with that, an internet access.

Acoustic Guitar-Dobro



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First, you have to make sure that your guitar is properly tuned. If your guitar is out of tune with your backing tracks it will all sound a mess even to untrained ears so If you don’t know how to tune the guitar, find someone who knows. Its so IMPORTANT

Then choose from the wide variety of backing tracks. You could search for a private teacher, go online, or settle on being alone with your reference books and manuals. Some examples of private teachers are those whom you  may already know like, friends, neighbors, your relatives or someone who is paid.  Online opportunities are endless. Some sell you copies of their video recorded lectures others are on the spot. Still, you have a huge choice.

Always find the right spot to play in. It has to be comfortable. Your guitar must be supported, if not by your thighs. Hold it steady maintaining your right hand on the strings just above the sound hole and the left hand on the fretboard.

Now, a lot of suggestions were implied by numerous guitarists who had your position once before, a beginner. They suggested that, above everything else, you have to use those two organs hanging on the side of your head just below your temporal lobe, your ears. Right.

Ear Training

Of course you have to use other important senses, like your eyes. That would be a very positive view. But what about those who are blind? Haven’t it occurred to you that at some way they have mastered the art of playing a guitar without even seeing what it looks like. They just follow their instincts and feel the chords. Yes, they listen.

Listening. One of the most effective ways of learning.

Remember you’re handling an acoustic guitar. It doesn’t require any of those crappy contraptions just to make music work. You need more than an amplifier to change your voltage of music current. All you need to do is effectively listen to the melody and determine whether you’re getting the tunes right.

In the event that practicing goes wrong and absolutely mystified, you could always go back to the drawing board. Memorize the chords. The emphasis on your memorization must be on the basic. The C,A,G,E,D chords are considered as the building blocks to your bountiful success in guitar playing. Not only are these chords easier to achieve but they are included in most of the songs played nowadays. Surprisingly, including R & B.


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Keep on practicing with these basic chords. Try it without looking. That would be able to help you figure out if you’re strumming the wrong way. Feel your strings tremble and stop. You have to take control of your music. These various ways of playing isn’t the exact key to learn but only a guide.