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Ever crack open an intermediate-to-advanced chord volume only to be overwhelmed by the multitude of advanced guitar chords?

Sure, those chords have cool names, but what do they mean? Some audio great, others not so much. And how the heck do you use them? What styles of music do they fit in, and how do they work with progressions?

But don’t fear! In this lesson, we’ll expire the construction and applications of extended and altered chords and clear up some of the confusion that surrounds these advanced voicings.

An extended chord is simply a 7th chord( maj7, m7, dom7, etc .) with an added 😛 TAGEND

* 9th( an octave plus a 2nd)
* 11 th( an octave plus a perfect 4th)
* 13 th( an octave plus a major 6th)

or any combination thereof. Widened chords are generally used when a richer harmonic “color” is desired. Since 9th chords are among the most popular widened chords, let’s begin with them.

If you were to take a Cmaj7 chord( C-E-G-B) and add a D note to the voicing, you would be creating a Cmaj9( R [ oot ] -3 -5-7-9; C-E-G-B-D ). Some feel that the inclusion of the 9th adds a bittersweet quality to the simple beauty of a maj7 chord. You be the judge as you play through the Cmaj9 voicings in FIGURE 1 .


Notice that some of the advanced guitar chords omit the 5th degree( G ). This is a common and acceptable procedure when dealing with widened chord voicings. Remember, all of these voicing are movable, so practice them in a variety of keys.

FIGURE 2 offers a musical example that teams up two voicings of a Cmaj9 chord with an Fmaj9 chord in an arpeggiated I-IV progression in the key of C. Repeating the first two measures is a great workout, both for memorizing the fingerings and for frethand coordination.


Bear in mind, you don’t have to wait until you insure a maj9 chord symbol on a chart to play one. For instance, a Cmaj9 chord can be used as a “substitution” for a Cmaj7 chord in most situations. Cmaj9 can sometimes serve as a replacing for the closely related Cadd9( C-E-G-D) as well.

Take a C7 chord( C-E-G-Bb) and add the 9th degree( D) and you have a C9–or C dominant 9th chord( R-3- 5-b7-9; C-E-G-Bb-D ). When learning new voicings, always try to relate them to those that you already know, and it will eliminate the hard labor of starting from scratch with every new voicing.

With that in mind, if you were to lower the 7th degree of a Cmaj9 chord by a half step, you would create a C9 chord( and vice versa ). Advanced guitar chords can be a little overwelming for some begginer guitar players but dont let it stop you from devoting them a go.

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