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Rock Backing Tracks For Working Musicians

On This Page You Can Sign-up For Info About The Best Rock Backing Tracks On The Net. Planet Of Rock Backing Tracks Are Real Musicians Performing All Your Favourite Rock Tunes Spanning Over A Large Era From The 60s to Contemporary Times

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Planet of Rock Backing Tracks – ” Where The Entire Band Arrives At The Touch Of A Play Button! ”

We specialize in Professional Guitar Backing Tracks for home practice or live performances. If you’re a guitarist or a musician, these tracks are exactly what you need!

Why settle for low-quality downloads or cheesy sounding files. when you can get high-quality remastered audio CDs from your favorite  rock bands.

The guitar backing tracks on Planet of Rock were recorded solely for this reason – to allow anyone to jam with professional sounding backing tracks. All tracks are recorded with REAL instruments and it is as close as you can get to playing in an actual band!

What Are Guitar Backing Tracks?

  • Digitally Remastered Music Tracks Without Lead Guitar and Vocals
  • Ever Dreamt Of Jamming With Your Favorite Bands?
  • Professional Guitar Jam Tracks You Can Rely On
  • Improve your Leads With Your Own Virtual Private Band.
  • Tired of Wasting Time Waiting On Drunk Band Members?
  • Gig Friendly Tracks and NOT cheesy “Midi” Audio.
  • Great And Fun Way To Practice And Learn The Guitar
  • Suitable For Rhythm Guitarists and Singers
  • Just Plug A Mic In And Use Them For Karaoke Too
  • No More Expensive Guitar Tuition And Deadlines To Meet
  • Improve Your Rhythm And Strumming By Putting Theory To Practice
  • Play Like You Have The Whole Band Backing You Up                                  

At PLANET OF ROCK Music, we take great pride in the quality of our tracks which are ready for Gigging or Rehearsing.  Download your chosen tracks instantly!


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