Learn & Master Blues Guitar-Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page Inspired Lick

Learning blues haphazardly can be very frustrating.  A lick here a lick there so having a complete system that takes you by the hand from the basic progressions and tools to advanced blues soloing can save you months of dead-end trial and error. With this course you’ll learn the notes chords and form that make up the blues. You’ll also build a strong repertoire of ready-to-use riffs (shown in both music and TAB) that can immediately be incorporated into your playing. You’ll hear exactly what to play with each session’s Hearing the Blues ear training exercises. Explore and demonstrate your new skills with a real band in a variety of musical settings using the Jam-Along CD and DVD. This pack includes: six DVDs of instruction 1 jam-along CD artist interviews 100+ page free downloadable lesson book access to an online support community and much more]

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Solo Guitar – Blues Licks and Solos | 12bar Blues Guitar

Solo Guitar – Blues Licks and Solos

In a solo you can use all these licks as a base, combining them and using ….. The
other way is to replace the slide with a second bending, more difficult to play …

Led Zeppelin -  Jimmy Page Inspired Lick -  Blues Rock Guitar Solo LessonLed Zeppelin – Jimmy Page Inspired Lick – Blues Rock Guitar Solo Lesson
More Licks http://www.guitarjamz.com/ytblues.

Announcement: GuitarControl.com releases “Great Guitar Lick for Starting a …
PR Web (press release), on Tue, 01 Jul 2014 16:37:30 -0700
GuitarControl.com has recently made public a video guitar lesson from master instructor, Jon MacLennan. In this guitar lesson now available on YouTube.com, Jon MacLennan teaches a cool lick for starting off a blues guitar solo. … MacLennan

Racky Thomas Band educated Smoken’ Joe’s audience …
Henderson’s guitar was on fire, blistering notes making sparks, combustion, guitar licks jumping around like they were on fire. John Hammond’s “Shake For Me” gave Thomas and his boys a lot of space to … Pete Henderson’s slide guitar phrasing made his instrument come alive on “Hey Lordy Mama,” an intriguing country blues number that sounded like something you’d find on an old record. Thomas, on voice and resonator, kept a chirpy personality in the tune, and, …

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