Martin Guitars Announces The Brilliant D-16E PD

Martin Guitars Are Phenomenal

Martin GuitarsMartin  Guitars has unveiled its new D-16E PD Poker Dogs acoustic guitar. The Style 16 Dreadnought guitar is notable for its design, which features the 1903 Cassius Marcellus Coolidge painting, A Friend in Need.

The painting—part of a series of 16 oil paintings that were commissioned by Brown & Bigelow in the 1900s to advertise cigars—is printed on a Sitka spruce top.

These instruments include sycamore tonewoods, a high-performance taper neck, and comes equipped with Matrix VT Enhance electronics.

The D-16E PD a martin stringed instruments are a  masterpiece Poker Dogs acoustic and are available now for $2,799.

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Martin guitars and the Martin company has been around a long time now and are one if not the best hand crafted instruments and lead guitar manufacturers on the market today like only Martin can create. These instruments are made with care and the sound is amazing

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A Very Old Classical Guitar 1878 Antonio de Torres SE 14

This Antique Classical Guitar Was Made In 1878

1878 Antique Classical Guitar

Not many things are as good as getting to meet, play and record a Torres classical guitar. The historical significance of these instruments is pretty awesome, especially when you consider that all Torres classicals have been around for the entire history of the modern guitar and in many cases have played a direct role (most Torres guitars have been owned and played by significant figures in the history of the guitar). And then there’s the sound, which is almost always astonishing, especially for such antique and relatively little instruments. Today we have an 1878 Torres, Second Epoch number 14, in spruce and cypress, and we’re fortunate to have some great documentation of this guitar. Check out the videos below to see Marc Teicholz and Pepe Romero play the classical guitar, and to hear Richard Brune discuss the significance of Torres’ work. Then listen to Chris Garwood play the guitar in the GSI showroom under more controlled circumstances to get an idea of the sound of this historic instrument.



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