Beginner Blues Guitar

Lessons For Beginner Blues Guitar

If you’re entertaining the idea of learning beginner blues guitar you must truly have a love for the blues and the history that comes with it. The blues has a rich history which actually originates back in the slavery days as shameful as that was, as a form of communication for the slaves to pass messages back and forth. It then grew through the ages to music of deep emotion expressed by the musician through a few basic core notes.

First, if you want to learn blues guitar fast, one thing you must learn is how to understand the chord-scale relationship in the blues. This is extremely essential to be able to build on and become a confident player. Many people who try to learn beginner blues guitar never get a good grasp on this very important skill.

Another key learning skill is to learn how to use and understand the blues and pentatonic guitar scales to bust out the best solos this side of the Mississippi. Would you like to play like that of Eric Clapton and BB King? It is possible if you take the time to master these steps.


Beginner Blues Guitar Scales


When playing the blues you need to know how to nail blues bends and use them, the ½ step, whole step and even the 1 ½ step bends need to be practiced on a daily basis to become proficient. Eric Clapton, one of the greatest guitar players ever has said that even he has to practice this very thing quite often to stay at the top of his game.

Last but not least to learn beginner blues guitar lessons is learning how to use hammer-ons and pull-offs quickly. Actually this is one of the things I like the most. It is a way cool feeling being able to do this right. If you key into these major points you’ll not only find that you’ll improve but you will improve quickly.




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Learn Blues Guitar Youtube

Have You Tried The Learn Blues Guitar Youtube Exercise

If you are passionate about Blues and tried the learn blues guitar youtube scenario, you might have heard Led Zeppelin’s “You Shook Me” or Grateful Dead’s, “Truckin” a number of times. These classics give you an idea how the blue shuffle rhythm can take the music to another level.

Or you might have felt Jimmy Reed or Chuck Berry create the magic with their shuffle rhythm time and again and not to forget Robert Johnson, whose many songs have an unmistakable shuffle style. If you have always dreamt of playing blues guitar like these maestros, here is good news for you: with the availability of guitar lessons DVDs, you can now easily pick up the basic steps in learning Blues Guitar Shuffle Rhythm. And this will definitely be one of the most crucial parts of your Blues learning process.

If you dream of playing Blues like a pro someday, you must found your lessons on the thorough understanding of Shuffle rhythm. Characterized by a long short rhythmic pattern, Shuffle rhythm is considered the backbone of Blues music.

It is not known, how and where the rhythm has derived its name, but in Blues guitar lessons, shuffle refers to a kind of rhythm that involves breaking down of a beat into 2 segments – with the first one as lengthier and the second, shorter. The first one is heavy, the second one is light. The rhythm is usually played as a chord fragment on two bass strings. Founded on an eighth note triplet rhythm, a shuffle is created by playing the first and third notes in a series of triplets. This brings a swinging feel to the entire pattern.


Learn blues guitar youtube videos


It takes lots of practice to play this rhythm on your guitar, but when you have a grip over it, this typically Blues rhythm is fun to play.

You can play a very basic Blues shuffle online as seen in learn blues guitar youtube videos, by placing your first finger on the second fret of the 4th string so that you can strum the 5th string open and strum the 4th string at the second fret simultaneously. You have to strum these two strings twice. Next you need to strum twice the 4th fret of the 4th string with the 3rd finger of your left hand and the 5th string open. You have to practice and try to keep your first finger in place while using your 3rd finger to play the higher note. For each different string group, you have to keep your left hand finger at the same position.

Often the students begin with Blues scales and solo licks, but grossly overlook the importance of learning the shuffle rhythm, which is believed to make up the backbone of Blues music. If you aspire to become a soloist, you must pay special attention to blues Guitar shuffle rhythm concepts, along with chord progression fundamentals.

If you have always dreamt of playing blues guitar like these maestros, here is good news for you: with the availability of guitar lessons DVDs, you can now easily pick up the basic steps in learning blues guitar youtube shuffle rhythm.

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learn blues guitar free

Learn Blues Guitar Free Online

If you want to learn blues guitar free, it will most likely leave you seeking many answers because you don’t know where to start which is important. So knowing a few facts about the history of this music genre might help. This music style deduces heavily from the African American tradition.

The word ‘blues’ is generally associated with doleful and somber feelings. The lyricals are deeply melancholic, but they go beyond the sentiments of soul misfortune and despair. These songs are also about how to overcome the bitterness and rigours of life.

No wonder, the institution of blues music developed in the southern plantations in the 19 th century. The southern nations back then were full of orchards which were inhabited by slaves or recently liberated slaves and share croppers. Particularly, the Mississippi Delta can be considered the cradle of blues music. This form of music are integral to their culture and hence the expres is simple yet poignant.

Blues has a very rich biography but unfortunately a large part of the initial music constitution is lost. But the 1920 s and 30 s tapes from the southern territories hand us a peek of the music of the original patrons. The guitar is a very important part of the blues, though few changes of blue-bloodeds music are also forte-piano based. The highlighted the importance of guitar can be seen in the Delta off-colors and it increased with the rise of the Chicago blues in the 1950 s. In the 1970 s, with the advent of the hybrid blues rock-and-roll, guitar began to occupy the very central point of the performance.


learn blues guitar free


After the Second World War, the electrical blues have really caught on but the acoustic folk forms are also quite popular. If you want to learn blues guitar, it will help if you can narrow down on your favorite style. Otherwise, memorizing so many things at once might be a little disorient. Hearing too many things at one time can also to be translated into frustrations.

But like all guitar readings, you will also need to know the basic proficiencies before you move on to more specialized licks. If you are enamored by this expressive style of music, then reading it might not be very difficult. Your anger will guide you through, and will help you to practice difficult to get the techniques right. So, it is time to pick up a guitar and fulfill your dream of hearing this beautiful model of music.





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Learn Blues Guitar Dvd

Its Easy To Get A Learn Blues Guitar Dvd Online Or Offline

OK, so you want to learn blues guitar dvd lessons and you’ve learnt the blues scale and you’re comfortable creating melodic phrases using notes of the scale that you can play over a 12-bar blues pattern. You’re making a great start learning blues guitar, but how do you put the phrases together into an interesting solo that people will want to listen to? Killer guitar solos are about more than playing notes from your chosen scale aimlessly all over the fretboard! Here are a few tips for creating a great blues guitar solo:

The first tip is to concentrate on the chord tones of whatever chord that you are playing over at a particular time, particularly the root note. These provide the strongest resolution points, so phrases that start and end with chord tones will often sound better. Practice this playing over a 12-bar blues: for each chord in the pattern, play a phrase that starts or ends with the root note of the chord. Once you’re comfortable with this try phrases that start and end on other tones from the current chord.

You can take the chord-tones tip to its extreme by featuring arpeggios in your soloing (arpeggios are just the notes of a chord played separately rather than as a whole chord). Try playing arpeggios of the appropriate chords with different rhythms over a 12-bar blues chord pattern, and then try to incorporate them in with other phrases of your solo.


Learn Blues Guitar Dvd


Repetition is a key concept in creating great guitar solos, as it gives the mind something to lock on to as you learn blues guitar dvd. Hence solos featuring repetition can sound better structured to the listener. There are many ways to use repetition in your solo to make it sound great:

  • On a simple level, just repeating the same lick a few times can sound good, particularly if different chords are played underneath the lick to give a different harmonic feel
  • You can play licks with the same rhythm, but using different notes to keep a consistency in your solo
  • Or you can even use the same notes, but vary the rhythm. This can actually be a bit trickier to get right, but can sound very effective.
  • Stripping it right back, the same note or couple of notes (e.g. a third or fourth doublestop) repeated continuously can sound great in a solo. Try playing the notes as triplets and add a slide in before each one for interest. Think about players such as Chuck Berry who use this technique effectively.
  • “Question and answer” phrases are very common in blues. This is where you get a question phrase, often repeated possibly with some variation, that is then followed by an answer phrase that is usually more freely improvised. Often the question and answer are played by different instruments, but can also be done effectively on one guitar by playing the questions low down followed by answers an octave or two higher. Try coming up with a low “question” phrase using the blues scale. Play it and then follow it with an answer phrase played higher up the scale. Repeat this over a 12-bar blues pattern using the same question phrase with different answers each time. As you get the hang of it, introduce small variations into the questions.

So, there are a few tips that you can hopefully use to learn blues guitar dvd to improve your blues guitar soloing. I hope that you can make good use of them as you learn blues guitar!

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Learn Blues Guitar Online Free

You Can Learn Blues Guitar Online Free On Youtube & Other Blues Sites Which Can Be A Bit Hard To Follow And Understand

Before you can start learning blues guitar, it is of much importance that you already have the basic skills of a guitarist. You can learn blues guitar online free on many sites but these lessons will not be complete. This includes knowledge in how all the parts of a the instrument works, skills in tuning, a grasp on chords and tabs, and all the other lessons taught in basic courses.

The blues can be defined in two ways, as a succession of chords, and also as a specific playing technique. It is very important for budding guitarists in learning blues guitar in order to really be a flexible player. This article will discuss some important notes that every aspiring guitarist must know in order get started in this musical path.


learn blues guitar online free


The blues can be defined in two ways, as a succession of chords, and also as a specific playing technique. It is very important for budding guitarists in learning blues guitar in order to really be a flexible player. This article will discuss some important notes that every aspiring guitarist must know in order get started in this musical path.

As already mentioned above, it is really vital that you already have a good grasp on the start up skills of playing. It would even be more advisable if you have finished a basic guitar program. After all, you wouldn’t be able to understand the lessons given to you when you start learning blues guitar if you don’t have a complete comprehension of its rudimentary theories.

However, if you are confident you already know all that’s been said here, then it is indeed time to get started with this type of music. So get your instrument and make sure its tuned to EADGBE. Next, make sure you’re not using nylon strings because they are not good in making this genre of music.

Now, assuming you really know your tabs and your chords, it’s time to listen to some blues CDs so you can get your ears used to what this music should sound like. Then it’s time to go online for learning blues guitar or to the nearest music school to start learning. You can learn blues guitar online free and some of the things you’ll probably learn are a few new licks, turnarounds and even solos.

Whatever method you use to start learning blues guitar, just remember that it is not advisable to start taking these lessons until you are completely sure of your competence on the basic guitar skills. So if you have not even started a basic course, do that first. With practice and dedication, you will soon be able to move on to this wonderful and soulful type of music.

You Can Be Learning Blues Guitar Like A Pro Quickly And Easily NOW!

Imagine Learning Blues Guitar like a pro with simple and easy step by step guide for Learning Blues Guitar. Imagine No More.

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