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You Can Learn Blues Guitar Video Lessons & Tutorials Online

Have you ever wanted to learn to jam on the guitar playing the blues? Have you wondered how or where to look for learn blues guitar video training? Finding the correct method to learn how to play blues guitar is not as hard as it may seem.

If you are interested to learn blues guitar, you are advised to already encompass the basis of regular guitar playing. No one has ever been able to pick up a guitar and commence in playing blues music without having gone through a series of training that teaches them the craft.

In order to learn blues guitar video lessons and tutorials, you need to know the basics of guitar playing. You should understand how to hold and find notes on the instrument. You also should have a firm understanding about music theory and have a strong grasp of what blues music truly is.


learn blues guitar video


A good majority of guitar teaching methods will teach you the basics of guitar playing, and how to correlate blues music guitar playing with basis chords. If you have an avid interest in playing the blues, and you want to learn everything that you possibly can about composing the music it would behoove you to join a guitar membership site.

Music teachers on these guitar membership sites can teach you the basics of how to play blues guitar. There are teachers on the sites that will give you some positive insight to help you learn to play and there are also teachers that offer private lessons to assist you if you are struggling with the craft.

There are a plethora of websites that are designed specifically to teach people how to learn blues guitar playing. One of the most important things you can get out of pursuing this craft is the confidence that comes from trying.

My dad would always say, “You can’t lose what you don’t already have, so why not try. The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t take a chance to succeed and then you’ll never find out how great you could be.” My dad seemed to make much more sense to me when I got older…lol. Check out some of these sites they can help you to hone your craft and play like a pro in no time.

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Learn Guitar Blues Songs Of The Masters

If You Play Blues Guitar Its Best To learn Guitar Blues Songs As They Are And Sound

Just like Spanish guitar defied the geographical boundaries to travel across the continents and become the world’s most popular musical instrument, blues music too has traveled from USA – its place of origin – to all corners of the globe to become the most passionate form of music that can be played on guitar. Across the continents, guitarists as they learn guitar blues songs are found to incorporate unique styles and tempos into their performances. But at the core, blues remains a guitarist’s way of expressing emotions through their fingertips. As you learn blue guitar, you will pick up the secrets of creating melodious magic with the play with six strings.


learn guitar blues songs


Country or Pop, Rock or Jazz – every genre of music seems to have some elements of blues. No wonder, most of the guitarists fall head over heels for this wonderful genre of music as they first start learning the instrument. There are special elements that make each genre of music so special. Blues is no exception. As you learn blues guitar, you are taught how to incorporate these special elements into your playing style. When You first learn guitar blues songs you will find it also involves getting familiar with the scales and chords that remain fundamental to Blues music and the particular song you may be learning. Since Blues has a number of sub-genres in it and each one of them has a different playing style, a student should start with few basic chords and scales typical of Blues. Lots of practice will help them work their way up to the next level of chords and scales, which happen to be more complex.

7th chords are essentially associated with playing Blues guitar. It is often referred to as Blues chord as well. Usually following 1 – 4 – 5 rhythm, some Blues chords are easy to learn, some are difficult. Blues guitar follows a typical chord progression that starts on A (1) then going to D (4) then to E (5) and again back to A (1). Since, Blues chord essentially emphasizes on 7th note in the chord or in the scale, Blues chord has become synonymous with 7th chord. As you continue to learn blues guitar and keep jamming with Blues chords, you will learn how to make up your own chord progressions with the 7th chord.


Dominant 7 Jazz Guitar Chords


Blues scales on the other hand have one more notes in addition to the notes in the regular pentatonic minor scale. Although it is a pentatonic minor scale in nature and has six different note names, one has to play those note names within a specific position when you learn guitar blues songs. It is the work of this additional note that creates the desired tension and renders the signature blues sound. As you continue to learn blues guitar songs, you will notice familiar sound in blues songs and also make sure to play alongside the Blues jamming tracks. As you progress on your lessons, keep on improvising on the basis of your knowledge about Blues scales and chords. Practice hard with a focus on alternative picking and rapid picking techniques and you will soon flourish as a Blues guitarist.

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Blues Acoustic Guitar Lessons

The Original Blues Acoustic Guitar Lessons

You can learn blues guitar from many sources. You can take blues acoustic guitar lessons at your local community college. You can find someone who teaches guitar and take group or even private lessons. You will want to decide why you want to have blues acoustic guitar lessons.

If you simply want to learn how to play the guitar then you will want to learn how to play basic guitar chords first before you learn a specialty type of guitar playing. Some purest will claim that unless you have lived a life of the blues then you can really not play blues guitar.

That is unless you have not lived a life of loss and sorrow then you will not be a true guitar blues player. But if your life has not been full of the blues there is no law that says you cannot give it a try.


blues acoustic guitar lessons


Whether or not you become a full fledged blues guitarist might be more of how much time and effort you put into your lessons rather than the type of life you have lived to this point. You can of course in this day of the internet learn a little about having blues acoustic guitar lessons online.

You will find blues guitar video lessons on the internet. You can watch a video online that is about five to ten minutes long that will demonstrate techniques and scales and what are known in the art, licks. You can start off with free videos and then if you want can upgrade to a paid service that will teach more in depth about chords and more complex scales and licks.

The great part about learning blues acoustic guitar lessons on video is that you can work at your own pace. You can watch the video and listen to the sound of the chords and scales. And then when you are ready you can join in or you can simply try playing the piece first and then try playing with the video.

You can focus on the instructors hand and finger placement and copy it until you have it right. The idea is to make it all second nature while at the same time absorbing the music in your mind and so that you will know the sound you are going for. But like any skill it takes practice and self discipline to become a great blues guitarist. You have however many options on how to learn.

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Learn Blues Guitar Book

Learn Blues Guitar Book Of History For Insights To The Blues

Blues is one of the most soulful forms of music and you should learn blues guitar book of history of which there are many. Blues is very heartfelt and does not involve the rigidities of classical music or the showiness of the metal, rock and pop genres of music. So, before you start learning blues guitar, you need to appreciate the genre and be acquainted with its various subtleties.

In the initial years, that is, in the second and the third decade of the 20th century, the blues guitar was pioneered by the likes of Robert Johnson and Blind Lemon Jefferson


Must learn blues guitar book


These blues men were solitary musicians who played as their heart desired. Even the repeat performances of the same artist varied from each other. The emphasis was greatly on slide guitar techniques. But with the 1940s and 50s blues guitar became a part of the entire band ensemble. Blues music in general moved out of its immediate country setting and began to spread in whole of United States and beyond.

The unaffected music of the initial musicians was now being adapted to the glamour of the thriving music industry. Records of the blues artist began to spread far and wide. With the 1950s, much of the blues music began to be performed in electric guitars and involved sound distortion through amplifiers. This can be considered as the foundation of the blues rock, which is how most people recognize blues music in recent times. Some of the most popular guitarists of all times like Jimmy Hendrix belonged to this school of music.

Learn blues guitar book of history of the blues can be very enjoyable for you, if you can find a suitable course. It will be even more enjoyable if you can find a co-learner. Sometimes even inter generational learners seek to discover blues music through the same course. If, you are one of them, then you need to find a course that will appeal to you as well as to your pre-teen or teenaged daughter or son. One of the best courses to learn blues with is the Learn And Master Guitar: Spotlight Blues Dvd.


learn blues guitar book Of History


You will first need to learn the 12 bar chord sequence, the scales, the notes, the techniques and then proceed on to guitar licks and solos. Much of the blues guitar music is about improvisation. So, you can become a good player if you know your basic techniques and have an ear and passion for blues music. Thus, playing blues music is not difficult, but you should be really passionate about learning it.

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About The History Of The Blues



Learn Blues Guitar Fast

You Can Learn Blues Guitar Fast

They say that the fingers we use to work or play are wired up to our soul. What is blues and how can you learn blues guitar fast? Well, During an interview of Eric Clapton in 1998, he defines blues guitar as a musical form which is very disciplined and structured coupled with a state of mind, from which you can have either of those things, but it is the two together that make it what it is.


Learn blues guitar fast

Do you want to totally amaze your friends who can not believe you can play so well and learn blues guitar fast?

Are you sick and tired of just putting forth effort?

Now, from the comfort of your own home, you can see blues guitar lessons on TV, video and online.

Blues chord progression are one of the most popular in rock and roll, jazz, pop, hip hop as well as the blues and has been used to write countless hit songs.

In blues, three primary blues guitar chords make up the whole 12 bar chord progression.

There are slight variations.

You WILL need to practice.

Most blues guitarists are self-taught.

Once you learn the formula, you can play blues guitar in just about key.

Once you learn the fingering you’ll be playing blues guitar songs with the best of them.

Some people can pick up a guitar and literally start playing right away, as opposed to the violin which can take a year just to learn how to bow correctly.

Most blues patterns only involve three chords.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the history of the blues.

The Blues musical genre has garnered popularity throughout the years and in unique nations around the world.

The majority of Blues songs are played following the 12 bar.

Blues, in most cases, is major in chords structure but there’s also unique scales that might be used in order to make or add a colorful tone associated with Blues.

Techniques are also vital in playing Blues.

In order to fill the chords with melodic figures, turnarounds, intros, as well as endings – riffs are used.

To fully learn blues guitar, there’s no one trick way.

There are lots of types of guitar.

Using the finger style gives blues players a definite edge.

You can use the thumb or Index finger and thumb or The thumb, index and middle finger.

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